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By | May 13, 2022

1and1 webmail: No matter what you call 1and1 or 1&1 Ionos. It is a web hosting company in Germany had its formal name as 1and1 Internet. However, at present, the United Internet, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and global internet services company in Montabaur have owned it.

Today in this article, I will guide you through basic-information on this webmail service, its signup process, login, how to reset your webmail password, and everything you need to know about 1and1 Webmail account. 

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What Is 1and1 Webmail Ionos? What Does It Offer?

1and1 webmail platform is one of the leading web hosting service provider companies having millions of customers all over the world. The company started by providing web hosting services in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and various countries. 

1and1 provides web hosting services as well as 1and1 webmail services, registration for a domain, SSL certificates, packages of webmail builders, dedicated services, virtual private services, and cloud hosting. By understanding the basic functionalities, let us proceed with the signup process and login process in 1and1 Ionos.

Sign up or  Create a 1and1 Email:

Let us start with the first step to 1and1, which is to create an email with the 1and1 webmail platform. There are two options for customers like Basic Mail or Business Mail that start from $1 per/month. By creating a matching email address from one of these two, you can match your web domain with it. Follow the below steps to create your 1and1 account.

➤ Open your regular web browser to land on this page. Link:- https://www.ionos.com/

➤ At the homepage, you can see the Email & Office tab, then click on it.

➤ There you can see the drop-down menu. Navigate for Professional Email Address, click on it, and it will open a new tab. It shows some packages that you can see by clicking on See Package. There are two Basic Packages and one Business Package.

➤ Select according to your requirements and press Continue.

➤ Check for the web domain because of receiving one-domain with each package. So, you can check if your desired web domain is available or not. You can type and check the name availability. If it is available to you, then add it to the cart.

➤ Type if some edit text fields for the name of your 1and1 email address. It will be visible before @ sign.

➤ Type your desired webmail password in the Password field. Re-enter your webmail password to make sure you remember it. 

➤ In this webmail service, you have the option to automatically forward your email to an email address. You can forward it to your Gmail or primary email address without login into the 1and1 webmail service.

➤ There is an additional Security Settings option. The first one is an Anti-spam, and another is the Premium Virus Protection.

➤ Hit on the Save button, and it saves your information and will create your 1and1 webmail login process so that it can allow you to access your email address.

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Login Process For 1and1 Webmail:

The login process is quite simple. You have to follow few steps to login into the 1and1 webmail service. 

➤ Go to 1and1 webmail login page through one of the web browsers. Or you can click on this link. Link:- 1and1.com

➤ On the homepage, navigate for the Sign-in button, and hit on it. It will show up on your login page.

➤ Navigate to the bottom for More 1and1 IONOS Logins. There you can see the Webmail button. Click on it. It will open 1and1 webmail login page.

➤ Enter your Username/Email Address in its field, and Enter Your Password. You can also check for the Remember Me checkbox. 

➤ Hit on the Login button, and you will be logged in.

Reset Your Password For 1and1 Webmail Account:

This section contains essential steps to reset your webmail password. Follow each step without missing out single step and reset your webmail password.

➤ Go to your favorite web browser, and open the official website of 1and1 webmail service. 

➤ Click on the Sign-in button to open the login page.

➤ After that, you have to type your Email Address or Domain Or Customer ID to its edit text field.

➤ Select the Forgot Password option. It will open a new page.

➤ There, you have to type your Email Address or Domain, or Customer ID again. 

➤ Then, hit on the Request New Password option. It sends a link to your email address that you can use to reset your 1and1 webmail password.

➤ Open that link in a web browser. 

➤ Type New Password and type the webmail password again in the field of Confirm Password.

➤ Once you finish typing and retyping your webmail password, hit on Reset Password, and it will reset your webmail password.

Setting Up 1and1 Email Address:

There are two settings you should have done before using the 1and1 webmail service. I’ll quickly guide you through it.

1and1 Pop Settings For Incoming Mail Server Details:

Follow the instructions to learn about settings.

  • Your Account Type is POP.
  • Your Username is 1and1 email username.
  • Your webmail password is the only Password of the 1and1 email account.
  • Your Hostname For the Server is like pop.gmail.com if you use Gmail.
  • Your Port for the server is 993/995.
  • Do you need Authentication? Yes, your email address and webmail password is auth.
  • Does it give SSL/TLS? Yes, it provides certificates.

Settings For SMTP Of Outgoing Emails:

  • The type of Account is SMTP.
  • The Username is your email Username.
  • The webmail password is the same as above.
  • Your hostname for your webmail server is smtp.gmail.
    com if you use Gmail.
  • Port for Server is 587.
  • Do you require Auth? Yes, your Email Address for 1and1 and Password for it work as auth.
  • Does it provide SSL/TLS certificates? Yes.

You Must Have Secured Your Password:

Your webmail password must contain a long-phrase, more characters, and must have a minimum of 12 to 14 characters. Below this borderline shows that your webmail password is weak, and someone can access your account with little effort. You also have to add capital letters and small letters to your webmail password.

Wrapping Up:

Could this article help you in successfully signing up and logging in to your 1and1 webmail service? In this article, I have covered almost everything that you needed to create your 1and1 webmail account and log in to the same. Now, enjoy this mail service, web hosting, and many more features of this platform.

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