5 best Minecraft 1.18 PE seeds for emeralds

By | May 25, 2022

Emerald ore is one of the rarest naturally occurring blocks in Minecraft. Emerald is considered as the currency of Minecraft and it is used to trade with villagers. There are various ways to find emeralds in Minecraft such as mining, trading with villagers, from treasure chests, desert or jungle temples, or shipwrecks.

Emerald ores are generated in mountain biomes. Greater height means more chances to find emeralds. With the new 1.18 update, emeralds can now generate between Y level 256 and -16. Hence, it is better to mine at a higher altitude when searching for these gems.

This article will highlight five seeds for players who are looking for easy access to emeralds in Minecraft PE.


5 of the finest seeds for emeralds in Minecraft 1.18 PE

1) Villages and Desert Temples

Seed: 2123090269

This is an amazing seed to find emeralds without the need of mining a single block. With three villages and two desert temples generating close to each other, players can find many emeralds in their chests.

Also, one of the best ways to gather emeralds in Minecraft is by trading with villagers. Between these three villages, players have a lot of opportunities to trade with the villagers.

  • 1st village: 137, 85, -487
  • 2nd Village: 170, 79, -685
  • 3rd Village: -293, 74, -305
  • 1st Desert Temple: 108, 64, -660
  • 2nd Desert Temple: -293, 71, -419

2) Savanna Village at spawn

Seed: 565077548

After loading the seed for the first time, players will spawn in a Savanna village. This huge village is an amazing place where they can trade for emeralds.

Players will also find a Pillager Outpost at coordinates 439, 146, 310. They can build a Raid farm here, which is highly profitable and generates a great number of emeralds.


3) Village on a cliff

Seed: -1928184051

The players initially spawn on a base of a huge mountain range, which is ideal for strip mining for emeralds. However, by traveling to coordinates 187, 144, -278, players will come across a village on a high cliff.

This village is on the edge of a tall cliff that players can easily mine to acquire emeralds along with trading with the villagers. The cliff runs along the shoreline for a good distance, increasing the chance of finding emeralds.

4) A beautiful village with a mountainous backdrop

Seed: 708645475

Players can travel to coordinates 352, 124, 655 to find themselves in a village surrounded by a gigantic mountain range. Ideal for both mining emeralds and trading. This seed provides players with both the choice, to get emeralds the way they want.

This village is a perfect setup for emeralds since it has many villages that could be used for trading. Some emeralds are also exposed, and players can easily spot them while traversing the mountains.

5) Mountain spawn

Seed: 46052904

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For those who get a thrill in finding naturally spawning emerald ore in Minecraft, this is their seed. Spawning at the base of a colossal mountain range, this place is ideal to go mining for emerald ores.

The mountains in this range can go to Y level 253, increasing the chances of finding emeralds. Players can also find a village at coordinates 243, 97, -405, which is above a huge cave. They can find emeralds even in the cave since it is at a height.

Note: The list present in the article reflects the views of the writer.

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