5 Things to Expect from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer on June 1

By | June 2, 2022

(*1*)(*5*)Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been pretty mum since the original announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet back in February. We got a few in-engine shots of the new region, a glimpse of the new trainers, and the new trio of starter Pokemon, but not much beyond that.

(*5*)However, the official Pokemon Twitter announced this morning that on June 1st, at 6:00 AM Pacific, they’re be releasing a new trailer on the official Pokemon YouTube channel with more information. The announcement for the trailer didn’t specify exactly what kind of information we should expect, though, so it’s time for some speculation!

(*5*)Here are 5 things to expect from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer.

5 Things to Expect from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

1. Region Info

(*5*)We still don’t even know what the new region in Scarlet and Violet is actually called, nor do we know if it has any nonstandard peculiarities about it like the Kahuna system of Alola or the Gym match format of the Galar region. Fans have speculated, however, that based on the few glimpses of architecture we got from the reveal trailer, the new region could be inspired by Spain.

2. Pokemon, New and Old

(*5*)Rather than carving out an entirely new swath of entries in the National Dex, recent Pokemon games have opted instead to employ a mix of new and old Pokemon, with a few regional variants and evolutions thrown in for good measure. At the moment, the only Pokemon we know about in the new region are the three starters, and a handful of old Pokemon seen in the trailer like Starly, Bounsweet, and Pikachu, so hopefully we’ll have some new faces to look forward to. Speaking of the starters, fans are also itching to see the evolved forms of the starters as well.

3. Mascot Legendaries

(*5*)Every duo of Pokemon games, of course, has its own mascot Legendary Pokemon, usually featured prominently on the games’ box art. Previous entries gave us a bit to speculate on with their themes ahead of release, but as for Legendaries based on the colors Scarlet and Violet, it’s honestly anyone’s guess what these new Legendaries will look like. With any luck, though, we’ll get a reveal of both them and the new box art.

4. Gameplay Style

(*5*)Here’s one of the big questions: the success of the tweaked combat and more open-ended design of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has some speculating as to whether or not the mainline series will adopt a similar format. The locales in the original trailer looked fairly open-space, so that wouldn’t be out of the question, though Sword and Shield looked fairly open as well despite its actual linearity. If the mainline Pokemon games begin adopting Legends’ design sensibilities, we could be in for the beginning of a major paradigm shift in the series’ overall formula.

5. Release Date

(*5*)So when the heck is this thing actually coming out? The reveal trailer pegged Scarlet and Violet for a release sometime before the end of 2022, and considering how high-profile a Pokemon release typically is, it wouldn’t be strange to expect it to drop around the holiday shopping season. Of course, game development is a rocky process, especially nowadays, so it’s equally possible we’ll get a delay dropped on us.

(*5*)Questions of all kinds abound. Hopefully, we’ll get all of the answers we’re looking for, and perhaps a bit more, when the new trailer releases on June 1st.

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