7 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Stream in 2022

By | June 21, 2022

One of the easiest ways to get up-to-date with the live scores and watch your favorite game from anywhere is to stream it on a site no matter where you are. All you need is just your mobile phone and a stable internet connection to go uninterrupted on your favorite sports. But hang on! You also need the site which serves all these needs so that all you have to do is watch! And this post tells you about the best free sports streaming sites in 2021 to enjoy sports anywhere.

What site to choose to stream your favorite sports when there are literally thousands of them online? Are those sites going to be trustworthy? Is your data going to be safe? There must be a lot of similar questions in your mind as well, but not anymore!

No matter you love watching cricket, basketball, or soccer, the best free sports streaming sites for you are CrackStreams, CricHD, USTVGO, and a lot more. These sites are trusted and the user reviews have been satisfying.

Now is the time to explore each one of the sites in detail so that you can choose the site which suits you the best.

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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites You Can Trust

What is life without sports? So, boring!

Be it a record-making Barcelona match or NBA football tournament, how could you miss that for even a second?

No! Not at all! Here is how these sites will help you in getting the live updates without taking any extra charges

1. CrackStreams

Why CrackStreams site is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

When it comes to online sports streaming sites, CrackStreams is the chosen platform and number one choice of millions out there.

CrackStreams streams out tournaments and matches for various sports including NBA, MMA, UFC, Boxing, NFL HD so that you don’t have to miss out on your favorite one! 

The streaming quality of the site is rated to be of a quality by the users.

You can totally go with CrackStreams to watch and stream your favorite sports in quality on your phone.

2. CricHD

Why CricHD is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

CricHD is the name that runs on the lips of the cricket fans that love this sport from all their hearts.

The site streams the content for all the cricket lovers out there, including live scores, match updates, and match schedules as well. Not only this, but the user can also stream the famous cricket leagues including IPL, world cup, and all the major tournaments.

Not just cricket, the site is also great for the online streaming of football and rugby and many more sports of your choice.

You can do the cricket streaming from India, Pakistan, South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Ireland. Ahaan! All known for their cricket form!

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Why USTVGO is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

USTVGO is one of the largest networks that provide you with the best streaming quality and experience. The USTVGO network doesn’t directly provide the streaming but it provides up a bundle of tv networks that run live on the site.

The user can choose from the channel that they want to watch their favorite sport from.

With USTVGO, you can watch any sport you love, of your choice.

3. Stream2Watch

Why Stream2Watch is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

Streamtowatch is one of the best free sites that offer online sports streaming to you with high video quality. Stream2Watch also embeds sports streams from other sources and provides you with the content you need.


Stream2Watch also displays ads on their site, so if an ad pops up when you are watching the sports of your choice, no need to panic, all you need to do is to just revert back before getting redirected and it will all be done!

The site provides high-quality and satisfactory streaming of the sports like MLB, NBA, MMA, Soccer, Rugby, Cycling, Cricket, Boxing, Snooker and so many more that are not mentioned here.

Streamtowatch can fulfill your need to watch your favorite sports anywhere, anytime.

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4. FootyBite

Why FootyBite is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

The streaming that happens on the site footybite is mostly for soccer fans. So, this is a great site for the ones who love to play as well as watch soccer or for the ones who are simply the fan of the great sport that it is.

You can also check for the schedule of the matches as well as the live scores of the games that are being played live.

The site also has the match routine available for the visitors so that they can check when their favorite team is going to play live and not even miss a single second of it.

5. SportSurge 

Why SportSurge is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

SportSurge provides you with ad-free streaming of sports. The site has different sports options available among them, some are- football, soccer, basketball, boxing, MMA, Motor Sports, Hockey, etc.

The streaming quality of the site is tremendous and one of the unique things about the site is the provision of ad-free streaming so that your watching of the favorite sport goes seem less!

However, the little ad they run on the site are not pop-ups and all the revenue generated from the ads goes directly to the hosting charges of the site.

You may have to log in to the site for better experience.

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6. CricFree

Why CricFree is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

For the sports fans out there, who get the urge to watch sports anytime, anywhere so that they don’t miss out on any updates, CricFree can be the platform for them.

The good news?

Well Not just a single sport, the site also offers a huge variety of sports to watch in high quality so that the watching goes joyous and uninterrupted. 

CricFree has 12 categories of streaming and each one focuses on a different sport. If you are the kind of a person who couldn’t sit quietly and watch sports, cricfree has a solution to offer as the chatbox so that you can spill what you feel about a certain historic moment of the sport you were watching!


Games are fun and fill you up with the excitement of knowing who will win the final trophy and all these above-mentioned sites can help you in enjoying your favorite sport no matter what. Yes, technology is great!

Now, what is the wait, switch to these sites and get set go to chare your fav team/person. Also, we want to hear from you in the comment section which is the one site that suits you the best.

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