8 Trustworthy Free Cricket Streaming Websites to Watch Cricket Anywhere

By | June 3, 2022

Aren’t you at home? Oh no! is there a match? Now searching for a Free Cricket Streaming Websites to watch how brilliantly your favorite team played? If that’s a yes, then thanks to the internet, that landed you to the right post. As, this post is just for the die heart cricket lovers, who want to know about the Cricket Streaming Websites that are free to use.

Well, this cannot be denied that watching cricket has been a trend and tradition in almost all households. And there’s no reason why this cannot be the case? Cricket is fun, engaging, full of excitement, and a power package of fun-filled family time! With the blast of the internet in the past few years and the gain of popularity in the online streaming of cricket, the era of “digital cricket” came up. And do you know what is the best part about it? You could be anywhere around the globe, yet watch the game live with your family.

No matter you are at your home, or in a meeting stuck with your boss, you can enjoy live cricket with free cricket streaming websites. Anywhere, Anytime. The list includes the world’s trusted sites like CricBuzz, Hotstar, and a lot more. With these sites, you will not miss out on any special moments. Be it Maxwell’s hard sixes or Trent Boult’s sincere wicket, you can catch everything live, too on your mobile screen.

These are just two of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites. And below, you will find out the other sites that will make it easy the live cricket matches without any delay.

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Free Cricket Streaming Websites

Cricket is lot more than the game between 11 players with bat and bowl.

It is an emotion!

An Emotion especially when, it about your favorite team or favorite player. But sometimes, because of being far away at work without any spare time, you have not other option than to quit.
But not now! thanks to the internet!
The sites that can be your helping hand in getting updates on cricket matches, Point tables, and a lot more are:

1. CricBuzz: Live score, IPL, Schedules, and points table

Why CricBuzz is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

The buzz for cricket in the fans is completely taken care of by cricbuzz.com.

You can trust CricBuzz anytime.

It is one of the most popular sites when it comes to watching free cricket and streaming it live because this is how you enjoy cricket properly- by watching it live!

This is not just a live streaming site- it has so much more to it!
Get the commentary, live scores and updates, all cricket news, articles, blogs, videos, match schedules, and everything you can think about cricket- it will be available on CricBuzz!

One of the best parts is this is not just a website, you can download the mobile app both on iOS and android too!

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2. SonyLIV Sports: For all types of sports

Why SonyLIV Sports is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

SonyLIV Sports is one of the most famous live cricket streaming platforms.

The matches are streamed here so that anyone who loves cricket can watch it here and get it done with.

SonyLIV Sports is a full-fledged sports streaming website and app. You can also watch other sports here. This website/ platform is not limited to just cricket, so this is suitable for all sports lovers in general.

3. Hotstar: Live Sports Streaming, Score & Updates

Why Hotstar is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

Hotstar again is one of the very popular cricket streaming sites appreciated by cricket lovers all across the globe. The platform is not just restricted to cricket but it also streams every other type of content- you name it and you can find it there.

Be it movies, web series, tv shows- everything! Yeah, take some time watch these on Hotstar. Cricket score+ Entertainment.

Hotstar also has a paid subscription option so if you want smooth services, the best from Hotstar, you can subscribe to it. The cost is minimal. It also has extremely nice video streaming quality given, your connection should be up to it.

4. Cricline: Fastest Live Score, Cricket Rankings

Why Cricline is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

Cricline is yet another leading name when it comes to live cricket streaming and live score updates.

This portal covers it all.
From A to Z of cricket- everything about it. Cricline is also available on the google play store so that you get all the live updates right away and don’t have to wait for yourself to browse on the browser.

It has also called itself the “best app for live cricket updates in the world” the fact whether it could or couldn’t justify this tagline will be known when you’ll use it and give your reviews about it.

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5. Reddit: Best forum for Cricket lovers

Why Reddit is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

Yup! You read that right, it is Reddit.

This portal is hugely famous for being a forum. However, the fact that live cricket is also streamed with the help of Reddit is lesser-known to the audience…

Yes, it is a forum that allows you to interact with like-minded people and share your views about a particular match or a perception. And that’s streaming, right?

6. Sony Six: Blast of Entertainment with Sports

Why Sony Six is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

The SONY entertainment television has its name so big, so if there are two portals by sony where you can live stream cricket or even do anything about it, we’ll definitely tell you.

Don’t get confused!

Sony Six is one of the very popular live cricket streaming Sites. Not just this, it also works as a web source and a connection that would connect you to the live Sony streaming of cricket and as well as other SONY channels.

So, hop on to one of the leading free cricket streaming websites before it’s late.

7. ESPNcricinfo: For every Cricket fan

Why ESPNcricinfo is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

If you are a cricket fan, this name should not be unknown to you.


ESPNcricinfo is a major name when it comes to streaming cricket for free. It has everything about cricket- live updates, scores, matches, schedules.

The site streams all different sorts of leagues including the Indian premier league. Not just this, all the test match series and world cups are streamed on ESPNcricinfo.

ESPNcricinfo is the perfect spot for all your cricket needs.

I know missing out on a cricket update or worst, a live match can be so disheartening.

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8. BCCI TV: Cricket updates, Match schedules, Latest news

Why BCCI.TV is one of the Free Cricket Streaming Websites?

You talk about cricket and leave the name “BCCI TV” behind?


This is not happening! (at least not here).

This website is your ideal match, so do swipe right on it.

You can check all the cricket updates, match schedules, latest news about cricket just at this one place. BCCI TV streams all sorts of matches- domestic, international, ODIs, tests aka test matches, etc. So, why we shouldn’t include BCCI TV on the list as the best free cricket streaming site.

Final words:

So these are the best possible and trustworthy free cricket streaming websites. My personal all time favorite has to be CricBuzz and Hotstar, without any second thoughts. know why? it is because they are complete in themselves and delivers the best possible update in no time. And, that really appreciable.

So, all the crick fam, Turn is yours, try these sites and go with the best that fulfills your demand. And, tell in the comment section below, why you considered them as the best.


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