Adult TikTok App | Is there a version for adults?

By | June 1, 2022

TikTok has a reputation for mostly being populated by teens and that isn’t entirely wrong, with most “TikTokers” indeed being young people. Is there a version of the video-sharing platform for adults, though? Stick around as we answer whether or not an adult TikTok app is available for download.

Adult TikTok App | Is there an application for adults?

adult TikTok app

There isn’t a specific version of TikTok intended for adults. Adults can freely download and use the standard version of TikTok to watch and share videos online, however.

The emerging social media app can be downloaded on any smartphone that’s running iOS or Android. Although it might be difficult to follow all of the slang terms and trends at first, there’s no reason that an adult can’t get to grips with TikTok. Failing that, you choose who to follow and can cater your feed to only feature other adults. This way you can still see and publish videos on TikTok without being swarmed by teenagers.

Regardless of age, all TikTok users need to apply by the Community Guidelines. This includes a ban on explicit content, so bear that in mind even if you and your circle of contacts are all adults. Not following the Community Guidelines could result in a shadowban, or worse, a full account ban.

It’s also worth noting that if you hope to build a following on TikTok, ideally, you’ll need to engage with trends and young people. Those things are central to getting a lot of new followers and likes. If you’re just planning to use the app for your own amusement or to keep in touch with friends and family, however, you don’t need to worry about that.

Adult TikTok App | Is there a version for adults?

  • No, there isn’t a version of TikTok for adults.
  • Adults are free to use the standard TikTok application.
  • While TikTok does primarily have a young userbase, adults can choose who to follow and whether or not to engage with trends.
  • Regardless of age, all users must follow the TikTok Community Guidelines.

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