Bitburner – Basic Auto Hack Script for Beginners

By | May 25, 2022

Basic auto hack script that finds and automates the farming of servers.

Guide to Auto Farm for New Players

The guide is pretty much in the code section with my attempt at documentation.

It’s plug and play once you have the 3 tiny scripts in your home directory.

Beware that it will shut off any scripts on servers it gains control of.

disableLog("disableLog"); disableLog("brutessh"); disableLog("ftpcrack"); disableLog("relaysmtp"); disableLog("httpworm"); disableLog("sqlinject"); disableLog("nuke"); disableLog("getServerMinSecurityLevel"); disableLog("getServerRequiredHackingLevel"); disableLog("getHackingLevel"); disableLog("scp"); disableLog("getServerMoneyAvailable"); disableLog("fileExists"); disableLog("getServerNumPortsRequired"); disableLog("getServerUsedRam"); disableLog("getServerSecurityLevel"); disableLog("scan"); disableLog("killall"); disableLog("getServerMaxMoney"); disableLog("getServerMaxRam"); disableLog("getScriptRam"); tail(); //Stuff above is just for visual clarity in the console, couldn't get disable ALL to work :P // Welcome to my messy, horribly optimised, quickly slapped together script for beginners, by a beginner, good luck with this brain aneurysm which I tried to document // This whole thing will scan for all servers you can hack, then start automatically farming them, but it's not the fastest var files = ["weaken.script", "grow.script", "hack.script"];// The files you need to make in your home directory which will be sent with scp //Contents: weaken(args[0]); grow(args[0]); hack(args[0]); These are as small as possible to allow for many threads //Sets variables, I wouldn't touch them, might explode var serverList = scan("home"); var serverCount = [serverList.length, 0]; var hk = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]; var possibleThreads = 0; var scanLevel = 2; var count = 0; var inner = 0; var approvedList = []; var exeCount = 0; var linked; var target; var depth = 0; var checked = 0; var hackType; //Checks if you have hacks so we know for later if (fileExists("BruteSSH.exe"))  hk[0] = 1; exeCount++ ; if (fileExists("FTPCrack.exe"))  hk[1] = 1; exeCount++ ; if (fileExists("relaySMTP.exe"))  hk[2] = 1; exeCount++ ; if (fileExists("HTTPWorm.exe"))  hk[3] = 1; exeCount++ ; if (fileExists("SQLInject.exe"))  hk[4] = 1; exeCount++ ; if (fileExists("DeepscanV1.exe"))  scanLevel += 2 ; //Comment out one or both of these lines if you don't have if (fileExists("DeepscanV2.exe"))  scanLevel += 5 ; //high hack skill or want to avoid time consuming deep scans //The badly formatted fun begins... print("/---/ SEARCHING \\---\\\n-- Default --\n > "+ serverList.join("\n > ") + "\n>- Scan Limit: L" + [scanLevel + 1] + " -<") //Print is just for the visuals while (count <= serverCount[depth] - 1 && depth < scanLevel) //The scan will stop if we hit depth limit linked = scan(serverList[checked]);checked++; //Scan will bring back all connected servers which we then run through checks below for (i = 0; i <= linked.length - 1; i++) //If the scan results in 1 or more linked servers this area will cycle through them target = linked[i];//Targets 1 part of the scan result at a time if (target != "home" && !serverList.includes(target)) //Makes sure our target isn't home or a server we already know of serverList.push(target);//Adds the target to the list print("L"+ [depth + 2] + " > " + target); serverCount[depth + 1]++;   if (count == serverCount[depth] - 1)  count = 0; depth++; serverCount.push(0)  else  count++ ;//I made this part 24 hours ago, good luck getting an explanation  print("/-------/ CHECKING \\-------\\"); for (i = 0; i <= serverList.length - 1; i++) //Runs once for each entry in serverList target = serverList[i]; if (getServerNumPortsRequired(target) > exeCount)  print(" >X< SOFTWARE " + target)  //Denied if you cannot open the required ports else if (getServerMoneyAvailable(target) == 0)  print(" >X< NO MONEY " + target) //Denied if there's no loot else if (getServerMaxRam(target) < 2)  print(" >X< NO RAM " + target)  //Denied because potato else if (getHackingLevel() < getServerRequiredHackingLevel(target))  print(" >X< SKILL " + target)  //Denied because your hacking is too low else //Server approved, 5 lines below will open ports on target if you have the required exe if (hk[0])  brutessh(target) ; if (hk[1])  ftpcrack(target) ; if (hk[2])  relaysmtp(target) ; if (hk[3])  httpworm(target) ; if (hk[4])  sqlinject(target) ; nuke(target); scp(files, "home", target); killall(target);//Nuke, transfer files and kill running scripts on target approvedList.push(target);//This server is ready to farm, puts it in the approved list for later print(" >>> VALID " + target);   print("/------------/ HACKING \\------------\\"); count = 0;//Reset so we can use it again while (true) //Runs forever if (count > approvedList.length - 1)  count = 0 //Sets count to 0 if we reach the end of list, starts cycle again target = approvedList[count];//Picks server from list based on count if (getServerUsedRam(target) == 0)  count++;//Helps us cycle through our list Threads are based on the amount of RAM the server has, rounded down 

Do note that with lots of “approved servers” this will not be optimal, at all, this is just a lazy way to do things at the start.

With very little thought you could make the scripts run against a different target too, hope you find this mess even slightly helpful, and have a good day.

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