Choose the right Interior Design Course

By | May 23, 2022

Interior Design Courses:

Interior Designing is a discipline that is an amalgamation of art and technical profession. It involves transforming interior spaces into unique and visually appealing experiences besides making them functional and livable. 

Interior designing is not limited to just residential spaces, but it also includes designing for commercial areas including Aircraft, Luxury boats (yachts), Offices, Industrial units, retail, public buildings, and even historic buildings. 

Certification in Interior Designing course will not only open opportunities in interior designing but also other fields like exhibition designers, lighting designers, set designers, textile designers,  furniture designers, kitchen designers, product designers, production designers, etc. 

Skills required for a successful career:

  • Creative Aptitude to come up with distinct and innovative concepts
  • Awareness about different styles and trends prevalent in the market
  • Courage and passion to incorporate different elements of varied styles seamlessly into your concepts
  • Sketching skills to be able to present your concepts to clients
  • At ease in use of technology – to present your concepts in 3D, etc. 
  • Embrace the use of environment-friendly materials
  • Comprehensive understanding of colours, texture, design, and lighting
  • A hands-on approach involving coordination with various teams and site visits to ensure the result is as close to the presented concepts. 
  •  Attention to detail so as to give a flawless finish
  • Networking skills to ensure good relations with vendors, clients, and other stakeholders   

How to choose the right Interior Design Course?

Interior Design Courses at the undergraduate and post-graduate level are being offered by lots of colleges both domestically as well as at the international level. Before choosing the college, students must figure out whether they are interested in:

  • Working on domestic projects like designing people’s homes.
  • Handling large commercial projects like shopping centers, municipal buildings, airports, etc.

Besides this, they should also find out if they are skillful and patient enough to handle building projects that involve sorting complex issues and problems daily. 

Once the students have answers to the above questions, they should identify the relevant college and course. Thus they should select an architecturally focused interior design course if they are disposed towards handling commercial interiors and complex buildings. Alternatively, if they are creatively inclined and want to experiment a lot then they must choose a college that is design-focused and have a good studio.   

Besides this good college must offer:

  1. The course must offer a comprehensive perspective – both theoretical as well as practical hands-on knowledge. 
  2. The curriculum must offer knowledge about Design Fundamentals & Principles, Human Comfort, Ergonomics, Understanding of Colour Theory & Lighting, Materials and their Application besides Aesthetics and Space Planning.
  3. The course must offer competencies in the use of various tools as well as new technology 
  4. The course must offer an understanding of the architecture of old buildings besides exposure through industry visits, interaction with industry leaders & live projects
  5. Motivate students to design innovative projects that offer sustainable solutions 
  6. Ensure strong portfolio for students 

So if you have a penchant for design, art as well as buildings, then you must register immediately for colleges offering Interior Design courses.

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