Elden Ring Map Locations (All Maps)

By | June 14, 2022

What are the Elden Ring Map Locations? Pushing the touchpad on your controller to get an overview of the layout of the Lands Between is simple, but if you haven’t found any maps yet, you’ll just see basic information, such as all Site of Grace places you’ve located so far. You’ll want to find more detailed maps that will assist you better comprehend your surroundings in order to better navigate your surroundings. We’ll expose all Elden Ring Map Locations in this walkthrough.

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Where to Look for Elden Ring Map Locations?

Finding Elden Ring Map Locations can be difficult at first, but if you know what you’re looking for, it’s rather simple. You’ll need maps to get a better idea of your surroundings as you continue to explore the Lands Between and uncover new places and regions.

Push the touchpad to view your map whenever you’ve arrived in a new zone, and regions you’re just discovering will be greyed out except for basic details and any Sites of Grace you’ve activated. However, if you look for a little, glowing orange tower, it will guide you to the region’s map. To go to the tower, use your compass to find it and gather the map from its base.

This axe-wielding spirit giant is fairly aggressive Elden Ring monster due to the arena’s construction, but if you spread his hostility between two people, you can keep him under control. His forward charge and stomp, which split the ground in front of him into a cone and injure you if they collide, are the moves to avoid. For more on Godfrey, First Elden Lord, see here.

West Map of Limgrave

Limgrave, West’s map can be discovered in the Gatefront Ruins, slightly south of Gatefront, at the base of a pillar. Keep an eye out for the Godrick Knights if you’re in the area.

East Map of Limgrave

The map of Limgrave, East is located north of Minor Erdtree, northeast of Mistwood Ruins, and southeast of Mistwood Outskirts.

Map of the Weeping Peninsula

Following the path south from Castle Morne Rampart will lead you to the map of the Weeping Peninsula.

East Map of Liurnia

The map of Liurnia, East is located just north of Liurnia Lake Shore, in a swampy area guarded by some dangerous swamp monsters.

North Map of Liurnia

The map of Liurnia, North is just adjacent to the Academy Gate Town and is nearly impossible to miss.

West Map of Liurnia

The map of Liurnia, West is located directly beneath the Kingsrealm Ruins, northeast of the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore.

Map of the Altus Plateau

The Altus Plateau map is located a few distance north of the Altus Highway Junction, on the road leading north from the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Map of Mt. Gelmir

The map of Mt. Gelmir may be found just east of the Road of Iniquity, but keep an eye out for the hand adversaries that will appear and chase you.

Leyndell: Royal Capital Map

The map of Leyndell, Royal Capital lies just a few metres east of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree, which also contains a couple Golden Seeds.

Map of Caelids

Caelid’s map sits at the base of a pillar southeast of Caelid Highway South.

Map of Dragonbarrow

The map of Dragonbarrow may be located west of Dragonbarrow Fork, not far from the sleeping dragon.

West Map of the Giant Mountaintops

West’s map lies along the trail slightly north of the Grand Lift of Rold, just before the Zamor Ruins, in Mountaintops of the Giants.

East Map of the Giant Mountaintops

Mountaintops of the Giants, East’s map is located across a chain bridge travelling south, just near to Giants’ Gravepost.

Map of the Ainsel River

Ainsel River’s map is at a building north of Ainsel River Downstream, right next to a shopkeeper. Mind the projectile-slinging adversary guarding the structure.

Map of the Siofra River

The map of Siofra River can be found at the bottom of the Hallowhorn Grounds’ stairs.

Map of the Lake of Rot

The map for Lake of Rot may be located right on the lake’s shore, just south of the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace.

Map of Deeproot Depths

The map of Deeproot Depths can be found beneath a dome in the ruins east of The Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace.

Map of Mohgwyn Palace

The map of Mohgwyn Palace may be found up the stairs after teleporting with White-Faced Varré’s Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

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