FRAG Pro Shooter Codes (June 2022) Updated

By | June 22, 2022

Frag pro shooter is a free shooting gun game. It gives the users involved in fun, action-filled gun shooting gameplay. You can play this game online with other gamers worldwide in one-on-one shootings or by making a team of 2 players i:e 2vs2.

Frag shooter is well optimized FPS gun shooting game that is made for your mobile screens. Meet with people all around the world, join them and play this epic gun shooting game. You can have your online shooting battles and also the ability to control your character’s first-person (fps) and third-person (tps) screens. You can also create your team of 2 and battle with your enemies online.

Well, this and a lot more the game has for you. But do you know, multiple gift codes are available, which can add more fun to your competition? You can also use all of those codes along with their rewards here!

FRAG Pro Shooter Features

Frag shooter also allows you to switch between 5 different characters for a more personalized one-on-one gaming experience. If one of your characters is dead, you can revive with another character instantaneously.

You can choose your fps gaming style, like defense or attack, and team up with other members having similar tastes. You can also be able to select your gun from a variety of free firearms available.

The game allows you to make your team from 90 characters, be the best shooter from them all, customize your character with different skins and become more powerful. Make your group or join someone’s clan to become famous. Share your Fps and followers. 

FRAG Pro Shooter Codes

These codes are an easy way to unlock different options in the game. The developers release these codes on various social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Discord, etc. These codes provide instant rewards that help a user to play the game to its fullest.

Make sure to use these codes and put them in the order as mentioned in the table below. We gathered all these codes and merged them into a table for your convenience. Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

  • Choose the character wisely as each character has its weakness and strengths. 
  • Gain points by attacking the enemies’ line.
  • Beware of the ambushes.
  • For more rewards, check the missions regularly.
  • You can also play offline if your internet is not working. Frag pro shooter gives you the option to play offline as well.

How to use Gift Codes

 Follow these simple steps to get your rewards.

  1. Open the game and click the shop button on the left of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and find the gift code.
  3. Once you find the gift code section, enter the gift codes in entering Gift code section.
  4. Click okay, and rewards will be rewarded instantly.

These codes are valid for a shorter period, so as soon as you find them, put them in and get your rewards. Put them as it is as shown in the table to avoid any error.


Frag shooter is easy to play. It provides everything that a shooter needs in a shooting game. First-person shooter and third-person options, auto shoot, and controls can be adjusted according to your gaming style. Just download and play the game. Add gift codes and get instant rewards.

You can download FRAG Pro Shooter on both App Store and Google Play!

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