How do you connect Xbox 360 controller to your PC? Step-by-Step

By | June 9, 2022

This wasn’t such a time ago that using a controller to PC was difficult or needed multiple wires and adapters. However, modern technologies have made it possible to link the controller to your Computer via Bluetooth or other similar processes.

The Xbox 360 controller is relatively easy to use while gaming. However, it’s difficult to play video games using a keyboard & mouse. Because you just have to memorise a lot of keys & functions, you can’t respond quickly. Therefore your hands end up being busy & making you feel uncomfortable. 

Linking an Xbox to your Computer is a superb choice in this case. However, it might be an expensive choice. Mainly, connecting an Xbox 360 controller to your PC without any receiver is tough.

Connecting your Xbox 360 Controller is nothing like any complicated process, and even earlier models also work just fine with the laptop or desktop. Let’s discuss some useful steps to connect your Xbox 360 controller to PC easily.

You can connect through wires

The simplest and quickest way of connecting your Xbox to the PC is through a wired connection. The setup procedure is quick and simple. To begin,

  1. Locate the USB port on the computer.
  2. Plug the controller into the USB port

The following step will be fully automated. The PC will identify the controller immediately & begin downloading the necessary drivers. The completion of the connectivity will be indicated on your computer. 

As a result, you may now use the Xbox 360 controller to play your favourite games.

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Connect the wireless receiver to your computer

This part is just for those who use wireless controllers. If you have a wired Xbox 360 controller, go to the Install software section. 

Connecting to the PC using a wireless Xbox 360 controller is not as simple as plugging it in. To begin, you have to buy a suitable receiver and then execute the appropriate setup procedure. 

A receiver costs around $10 to $20. The official Microsoft version can set you back a little extra, but there’s plenty of third-party alternatives that operate just as well. 

Set the Wi-Fi receiver to your computer’s USB port. A green light source will show just on the receiver after plugging in, signalling that the gadget is operational.

Purchase the Xbox Package from Microsoft

This procedure is rather complicated and requires the use of several types of equipment. Furthermore, it is a costly procedure. So, if you don’t have such an Xbox, that’s the way to go.

Get the Microsoft Xbox for your Windows package on your PC. It comes with all of the necessary items & is suitable with every window model. The Microsoft Xbox package, unlike standard controllers, somehow doesn’t cause any issues. You may link it to any computer wirelessly. If you currently possess an Xbox, though, you may be reluctant to purchase a new one. So instead, you may sell your earlier Xbox as a solution.

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How to Install software?

Players must either download the appropriate software from Microsoft’s site or utilise the supplied installation disc that came with both the wireless gaming receiver to correctly sync their wireless Xbox 360 controller with wireless gaming receiver.

  1. Insert the installation CD into the PC’s primary optical drive & follow its on-screen wizard if you have it (mostly not, but it’s best). It’s possible that you’ll need to reboot your computer. 
  2. If you do not have one, you can get one from the Windows link of Xbox 360 Wireless Controller; if you’re using a wired controller, Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is the best option.  
  3. Select the version of Microsoft Windows you’re using — the Windows 7 drivers will work with Windows 8, & the Windows 10 drivers. 
  4. Select your preferred OS language and then click Download.
  5. When the download screen is displayed, press Run to let the Xbox 360 Accessories Setup software install the necessary files.
  6. It’s possible that you’ll have to reboot your computer after the installation is finished.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Installation on Windows 8 and 10

The installation process of Windows 8 and 10 is simple and easy. All you have to do now is connect the Xbox receiver to the Computer. It will recognise the device right away. You are not required to do any tasks. So take a seat and wait.

Your Computer will begin installing the necessary drivers immediately. You can start playing after the setup process has been completed. You may double-check the successful connection by doing a few simple procedures.

  1. Click on the ‘Start menu‘.
  2. Search ‘Device Manager‘ in the Search Box.
  3. You will get the  ‘Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows‘ option.

After completing these steps, you can successfully set up your Microsoft Xbox receiver on your Computer.

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Install the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver on  Windows 7 & lower

On Windows 7 & lower, the setup process is unique.  The installation process does not begin automatically; instead, you must initiate it manually. To begin, 

  1. You must first attach the adapter to the device driver.
  2. Insert your USB drive after that.
  3. On the screen, there will be a wizard. This will instruct you to enter your OS.
  4. If your Computer already has the critical data, you must select the automated installation option. After that, it will go on to the next step, and the setup routine will complete successfully.
  5. If your Windows does not have the data, you will need to do further actions.
  6. The CD that comes with the Microsoft Xbox bundle is a straightforward choice. But, first, install the software on your PC by inserting the CD into the CD ROM drive.
  7. The second approach is to get the drivers through Microsoft’s website. All you have to do now is visit Microsoft’s official site & look for the Xbox receiver drivers to install.
  8. It would be best if you doubled the connection speed success. 
  9. Look for the driver in your Computer’s ‘Device Manager,‘ if they are loaded or not.
  10. The instruction’ pair controller to PC’ will appear if the drivers have been installed.
  11. When you click on this, your Xbox controller will link to your PC.

Installing an Xbox Receiver from a Third-Party Site on Your Computer

To set up a third-party Xbox receiver, you’ll do a few extra steps. Since you’re connecting a replica of a Microsoft Xbox recei
ver to your Computer, the process is complicated. However, it is suitable for your Computer and performs well. The procedure is equal for all versions of Windows.

Get an adaptor

The next alternative is to buy a wireless Xbox adaptor or receiver & link it to your Computer. The Microsoft adaptors are included in the Microsoft Xbox bundle & cannot be purchased individually. As a result, you’ll have to purchase from someone else. However, do some good research since exact copies of Microsoft’s original adapters are available in the the market.

As a result, you must take precautions when getting an adaptor from a third party. Getting an orphaned Microsoft Xbox adaptor is another possibility.

Getting the Controller to work together

When you have a wired controller, connect it to the pc. You’reThen, you’re all set to go. To verify it’s all operating properly, scroll to the bottom to check the Controller.

Or else, you’ll have to reconnect the wireless Xbox 360 controller to the pc via the receiver. For this, press & hold the Xbox Guide key in the middle of the Controller to switch it on, then wait for green lighting to switch on. After that, click the start button on the wireless receiver’s topside until it turns green, then hit the equivalent key on the Controller.

After some time, your receiver’s light should become bright green & one of the corners all around the Controller’s Guidance button will brighten up. If you face problems, visit Microsoft’s support site for more assistance.

Testing the Controller

It’s time to verify the connection after you’ve loaded the appropriate software & connected in or synchronised the Controller. 

  1. Click your Computer’s Start menu, then off to the search menu.
  2. Type “Game controllers.” Designed USB gaming controllers should be an option you see.
  3. Turn the joysticks, pull the trigger, & push all of the buttons to make sure your Controller is in good working order. 

If everything is in order, the relevant action will be marked in the app. Each time a button is pressed, your system will show it. It shouldn’t matter what part of the screen is lit up if it displays all of the activities.

Browse Xbox’s support page for additional troubleshooting advice if your app isn’t correctly paired with the Controller & some keys aren’t lighting up the screen.

Let’s play now!

To make things easier, Microsoft designated the Xbox 360 controller as such default joystick for most modern PC games. So to begin playing, you probably won’t have to fiddle with the configuration or set up key combinations.

While loading your game, make sure your Controller is correctly linked since if the two devices aren’t connected, the game will not detect your controllers. In addition, some modern games allow users to exchange controllers quickly & easily, even while in the mid of a game.

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