How Is Vecna Connected To The Mind Flayer?

By | May 29, 2022

Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 revealed more about the Upside Down through the main villain Vecna. How are Vecna and the Mind Flayer connected?

Warning: contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 4 volume 1. 

Vecna and the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things clearly seem to share a connection, but how connected are they? The Upside Down is an alternate dimension in which both Vecna and the Mind Flayer reside, with the latter existing as a large, overarching presence and the former living in the alternate Creel mansion. Throughout the Upside Down are tendrils, vines, and creatures that serve as a hive brain for the Mind Flayer. Being connected to the hive brain through a spider-like network of back extensions, Vecna is the most humanoid monster in Stranger Things. Interestingly, he also has the power to open small gates to the Upside Down wherever he makes a kill.

This discovery leads to Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) theorizing that Vecna is the Mind Flayer’s “five-star general” compared to the “foot soldier” Demogorgon. As powerful as Stranger Things’ Mind Flayer is, his ability is primarily in masterfully taking advantage of his many resources and not opening gates. Vecna, however, can perhaps open gates to the Upside Down because of his connection to the Right Side Up. Out of all the known Upside Down creatures (even the Demogorgon being held extensively at Kamchatka), Vecna is the only one who has had any significant time in both dimensions. This fact coupled with his psychic abilities makes Vecna a terrific asset for the Mind Flayer, assuming that the monster isn’t working on his own agenda.

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The biggest season 4 episode 7 reveal is that Stranger Things’ Vecna is Number One (Jamie Campbell Bower). Number One, whose real name is Henry Creel, exhibited powerful psychic connections from an early age. This resulted in his mother contacting Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), who turned Henry into experiment test subject Number One after he murdered his sister and mother. Number One had long exhibited an evil repulsion against the human race, which would explain why Brenner would have wanted to lessen the experiments but still keep an eye on him. Therefore, Number One became a power-stunted orderly who partnered with Eleven and escaped Hawkins Lab. Once Number One vengefully massacred the test subjects during their escape, Eleven banished One to Stranger Things’ Upside Down. There, he became a monstrous, corrupted creature after years of living under the realm’s influence. In Stranger Things season 4, he begins killing teenagers in Hawkins, preying first on their trauma and psychologically manipulating them.

Vecna’s killings reveal a major question about the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer, and that is why Vecna is just now opening gates after having been in the Upside Down for years. If Vecna is working against the Mind Flayer – which there’s yet to be proof of – it would explain this time difference. If Vecna is trying to overpower the Mind Flayer and become the Upside Down’s new ruler, Vecna’s Curse in Stranger Things would understandably take years to develop.

However, it makes equal sense for Vecna and the Mind Flayer to be allies. The year before, Joyce (Winona Ryder) destroyed the massive Soviet gate. As a response, the Mind Flayer could have resorted to Vecna as a way to be more covert and create multiple miniature gates. The Mind Flayer is well connected in the Upside Down. For him to not be connected to Vecna would be unrealistic, but details about their connection remain speculative. However, Stranger Things has more answers coming upon volume 2’s release.

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