How to Change Difficulty in Diablo Immortal

By | June 24, 2022

The Diablo games have long been known for being pretty adaptable in the difficulty department. They’re not especially difficult on the base setting as long as you know what you’re doing, but you can always turn the spice up whenever you want. Diablo Immortal is much the same way, albeit with a couple of quantifiers. Here’s how to change difficulty in Diablo Immortal.

How to Change Difficulty in Diablo Immortal

While Diablo Immortal does have difficulty settings you can adjust, you have to prove you’re ready for them first. Higher difficulty levels are roped off until you reach a sufficient in-game level. Once you cross these level thresholds, you’ll be able to adjust your difficulty by pressing the skull button on your map screen while in Westmarch. You specifically need to be in Westmarch to do this because the game needs to reroll monster stats in the overworld and dungeons, which it can’t do while you’re standing there.

Each difficulty level raises the combat rating of the monsters you’ll encounter. However, those stronger monsters will also drop better loot, particularly loot tailored to higher-level characters. This means that, if you want better stuff that’s properly suited for your combat level, you’re gonna need to turn up the heat.

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Here are all of the difficulty levels, their requirements, and their respective monster combat levels:

  • Normal: Character Level 1-60, no monster combat rating adjustment
  • Hell 1: Paragon Level 1-60, monster combat rating of 390
  • Hell 2: Paragon Level 30-130, monster combat rating of 1190
  • Hell 3: Paragon Level 90-210, monster combat rating of 2150
  • Hell 4: Paragon Level 160-300, monster combat rating of 3270

Remember, if you exceed the level ranges shown on these difficulty settings, you won’t be able to keep getting properly-leveled Paragon gear from them. If you’re Paragon level 131, for example, Hell 2 isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’ll need to move up to Hell 3 if you want to keep getting ideal gear.

The Hell difficulties are only there for those who want more challenge out of the game. If all you want is to play through the story at your own pace, you can just leave the difficulty at Normal the whole way through.

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