How To Play Among Us Unblocked Game (2022)

By | June 13, 2022

Among Us Unblocked game is an online version of the original game. This version enables the users to play on various maps like Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ, that too free of cost. Players usually find this game pretty cool because the game has to offer a lot. This article would help you figure out the existence of the Among Us Unblocked game and know more about it.

Among Us Unblocked game has introduced various new features like offline gameplay, various kinds of imposters, free updates and rewards, etc. But, we would suggest you not to get your hopes high because you might not be able to figure it out yourself, but there are so many clones and fake websites which promise all these things but fail to deliver.

To save you from getting jumped online, we have created this guide which would provide you with genuine information about how Among Us Unblocked Game works.

In This Article

What is Among Us Game?

A very hyped multiplayer game, Among Us is an online game which lets you connect with other people randomly and play with them together. This game enables the players to reveal the disguised roles of their teammates and check their loyalty. The key to win this game is to use the logic of deduction to figure out the roles of each other.

There is either one or maximum two imposters among all the players. The imposter kills their other teammates while trying not to get caught. The major role of the other players other than the imposter is to figure out who the imposter is and eliminate them in order to win the game. An imposter can only win if they somehow manage to kill all their other teammates.

What is Among Us Unblocked Game?

You might be wondering what the Among Us Unblocked game is. Well, we are here to clear your confusion. You can easily find numerous versions of Among Us Unblocked online but here is the catch!

There are many versions which offer different features like shape-shifting impostors which totally change the basics of the game, whereas there are other websites which claim to offer completely free Among Us unlocked versions that too of the full game.

How Can I Download Among Us Unblocked Game?

Majority sites that you will discover actually offer a .zip file which can be downloaded and unpacked so that you can install Among Us Unblocked Game on your computer. The other sites would end up giving you links to the browser version that would send you towards an ad-filled rabbit hole which would never actually end with you playing Among Us. 

It is quite an obvious fact none of these links or download are really official, and quite a lot of them might even end up doing harm to your PC. The fact that Among Us Unblocked doesn’t really exist can’t be stressed enough. If you are actually downloading such a version, it’s most likely to be malware. 

How Can I Play Among Us Unblocked Game?

Unfortunately, you can’t. If you wish to play Among Us then you would have to download the official game from a trustworthy source. We feel that we should inform you beforehand that we know it would be a great experience if you could get an unblocked version of the original game but to be honest, you would be putting yourself at a major risk if you go ahead and download such a version from a random website.

How To Play Among Us Officially?

You may be looking for the Among Us Unblocked Game but it is obviously much better to be safe and only download the official version from either the google play store in Android or app store in iOS. 

So go ahead and download Among Us so that the fun begins as soon as possible!

1. Go to Google Play store on Android device or the App Store on iOS and type Among Us

2. Click on the Install button. 

3. When you open the game, you’ll get an option to select either Local or Online.

4. If you wish to play with random players, select Online. 

5. If you wish to play with your own friends, select Local.

6. Type in your name on the top of the screen. 

7. Click on Finds The Game. 

8. Now you have to select a specific map from the choice that you’re given. 

9. Finally, select the no. of imposters and the language to chat and begin your journey of Among Us. 

Will there be an official version of Among Us Unblocked Game?

Much more peculiar and weirder things have happened, but an official version of Among Us Unblocked Game is definitely not happening anytime soon. There’s no way that Inner Sloth is actually going to mess with the economy of Among Us, or even change the entire balance of the game. But, hey, Among Us is fabulous either way, and at least it doesn’t end up downloading malware on your computer, so it isn’t that bad after all. 

Wrapping Up

We genuinely hope that all of you understood what exactly the Among Us game really is and why we advise you not to install an Among Us Unblocked Game because it simply does not exist. Our entire post would definitely assist you in how to download the official version of Among Us on your PC, Mobile & Gaming Console. In case you have any further doubts, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll help you out!


1. Is there an Among Us Unblocked Game version availa

To clear your confusion, there is no such version as Among Us Unblocked game version available. The only version available is the official game Among Us which you can download from a trusted source.

2. Is Among Us Unblocked Free?

If you’re talking about downloading this non-existent game from those unsafe sites, then yes it is absolutely free. 

3. Does Among Us support cross-platform?

Yes, the game Among Us supports cross-platform play. You can play with your friends from whichever device you wish to without any worries.

4. Can kids play Among Us?

Since there is absolutely no form of violence or inappropriate activities present in Among Us, it is completely kid-friendly. 

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