How to play the Sandbox? Here is a complete beginner’s guide

By | June 17, 2022

Today in this article you are going to find a total complete overview of the sandbox game. Even if you don’t have any idea about blockchain and Crypto gaming, here you can find the Complete idea about why the sandbox is so much cool and revolutionary metaverse. As we know that the sandbox is a play to earn game means you get rewarded for the time you spend in these metaverses as players. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with the basics things from which you can understand sandbox more easily.

What is Blockchain?

We can say that a blockchain is a public ledger that everyone can see and at the time when an item moves on that public ledger, every single copy of the ledger is updated. In simple words, Blockchain was very hard to change and it has to be validated and then at the time when it’s updated it’s updated for everyone. Blockchain is decentralized and no one controls it. Also, everyone can see it and it’s also always the real ownership in the virtual worlds.

What is NFT?

The basic thing that you need to know about the NFT is that they stand for anything in the metaverse. Such as the in-game items, characters, or even if it can be the piece of the land. Remember that NFT can be anything that is unique and exists on the blockchain and can be owned by people.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to the currency which is inside the game world. In the sandbox game the currency is sand and yes sand exists on the blockchain, it is real, limited, verifiable, and decentralized so no organization even if the sandbox cannot control the sand now, yes they can control the percentage of it like they have the war chest. But the sand is itself contractually limited and that’s why there is a limit to inflation. The basic thing you need to know about the cryptocurrency now is that it is the in-game currency, which you can use to change it for US dollars or in your local currency.

What is Sandbox?

So sandbox is a community that brings a driven platform where the creators can monetize voxel assets and the gaming experiences on the blockchain. The sandbox is made of four key components, which are as follows-

  1. Vix edit – Where you can create or animate voxel art, which you can export anywhere and it also means that you can create creatures or items for your gaming world.
  2. Marketplace – Here you can buy or sell your NFTs and here user-generated content can be sold from one player to another.
  3. Game maker – It is for making it playing any game that you can imagine.
  4. Gameplayer – Players play for creating their assets but maximum just play to explore the game.

What is Sandbox Sand Coin?

Sand is an ERC20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. This token also exists on binance. The main thing that you must remember is that sand is just a utility token that was being used throughout the sandbox ecosystem. The sand token is the basis for the transaction and the interactions and remembers that there is a finite supply of just around the three billion sands. As the sandbox metaverse is growing and just because the sand is the utility in the sandbox metaverse then its usage grows and the demands also grows by the supply ids capped and for this, it can lead to the price appreciation.

About Sandbox Land

One of the amazing aspects of the sandbox is land. The sandbox metaverse is made up of the lands and the lands are the parts of the world that were owned by the players to create and monetize experiences. For owning the lands in the sandbox the player can have two reasons –

  • For creating their different games and stuff and having a place in the world for people to try them out.
  • To monetize the game and experiences that the people create.

Most of the people just buy land in the sandbox just because it is limited and those people using it or planning to use it not to build games by themselves but for renting it out for other people to build it for building their own game experience on it. In the sandbox, there are only 166,446 lands available for use for hosting the games. Remember that there are not going to be more than 166446 lands and the more people want to build games eventually you need to buy lands from someone else.

How to Buy Land in Sandbox?

Nowadays buying sandbox lands was not difficult. You can buy land by using the sandboxes marketplace or you can even check out openSea (OpenSea is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces). The cheapest land that you can buy in the sandbox is around 3.55 ETH (Ten thousand dollars) and the highest of now is 5580 ETH.

At the time when you look at the sandbox map then you can see the green and the blue dots is specific piece of land. In the sandbox map, you can see that binance owns some of the land and sandbox also owns large land, similarly, some other famous names like Atari owns a large piece of land. Maximum lands were owned by the game development comp[ines or the individual who were planning to sell those lands later or rent them out to people.

How to Download the Sandbox Game?

Creating the sandbox account and downloading the game is quite easy. The very first thing that you need is to go to the Sandbox Website. while creating your account the highly recommend creating a meta mask or the wombat wallet and signing in with a web3 wallet, you also have the option to sign in by Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Once you have created your account in the sandbox website and now for downloading the game from the left side of your screen navigate down to create and then
you have to download Game Maker. Remember that it is now only available on Windows and not on the mac.

  • Once you downloaded the game file then just extract it.
  • Then run the installer and follow the install wizard, choosing your location for installation.
  • Just follow the wizard installer and it’s done.

After installing the game you have to log in to in-game with the same id and then you have like three options, which are My Drafts, templates, and Drafts Gallery. If you are just trying to check out this game then just go to Drafts Gallery and you can jump to the world where other people have been making.

That’s all to conclude for How to Play the Sandbox? Here is a complete beginner’s guide I hope this guide will help you for understanding exactly what this world is. Cheer up and play blissfully!

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