Is Cupid Real? Why Is Cupid Related To Valentine’s Day?

By | June 13, 2022

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you might be thinking of proposing to your crush. What if you get the no? God, you wish there was someone to make her or him fall in love with you? Well, guess what? There is! Love Gods have been there in mythologies for a long time now and today I will talk about the most hyped Love God of all Time, Cupid. Let’s go over some historical facts and answer “Is Cupid Real?

Cupid has been romanticized by people all over the world. From being a mythological god to now being a boy who’s wearing diapers, the guy has seen a lot of change in his portrayal over time. To be true I would have liked the old guy version more, the curly head guy with a god-like body, but what is up with this modern version?

Answering all your questions and doubts below, let us find out how prevalent Cupid and his stories are and whether Cupid should be considered real or not. 

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Who Is Cupid? What About Eros and Amor?

In ancient Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of love, son of the god Mercury and goddess Venus. Mercury is the winged messenger of gods and Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. There are many mentions of Cupid in history describing him as a winged infant carrying a bow and quiver. 

Also, Cupid has been mentioned wearing armor like that of his father Mars and obviously him being a love god is taken from his mother Venus. If we look at the bigger picture, Cupid is the child of a god of warfare and goddess of love and this ironic parallel makes him an interesting character in Roman mythology. 

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Even in Greek mythology, the name “Cupid” is replaced by “Eros”. However, everything else is almost the same. Being called “Amor” in Latin, and translating to “god of love” this definition is slightly changed in today’s world. 

Spanish and many European people call their partners “Amour” by affection, which means that the original tale is still prevalent in one way or another. 

What Does Cupid Do?

Cupid, being the God of Love, carries magical arrows and a quiver. Whoever Cupid shoots with his golden tipped arrow falls deeply in love. His arrows strike right into the heart, hence all the love scenes. With the golden arrow, he makes people fall in love, and with the silver or lead arrow, the opposite happens. Whoever gets shot by Cupid with his lead arrow grows unvanquishable hate for a person. 

Now you can guess what would have happened in Greek mythology with this power. With Cupid, being able to make people either fall in love or hate each other, there are many tales of how Cupid has messed with various gods and mortals. 

Once upon a time, Apollo was a Creep, again!

With Cupid being the God of Love, he could make people fall in and out of love just like that. What a great power! But not many gods respected him for it. In fact, one day Apollo, son of Zeus, even disregarded Cupid for he only used bows and arrows to make people fall in love. On the other hand, Apollo and other great war heroes would use their arrows for killing and winning (a bigger purpose according to Apollo). 

To make Apollo understand that love and heartbreak is the most powerful feeling in the world, Cupid struck Apollo with a golden arrow in the heart. Now, just as Apollo got struck with the golden arrow, Daphne, a minor goddess, was walking by and Apollo instantly fell in love with her. 

Now, to give him a lesson, Cupid struck a silver arrow in Daphne’s heart so that she’s far away from love and so will repel Apollo now that he is in love with him. 

When Daphne rejects Apollo again and again she gets so sick of him that she goes to her father, the river god, and asks him for help. Daphne’s father turns her into a beautiful laurel tree. Seeing this Apollo understands how being heartbroken is the worst pain in the world, even worse than any physical pain and from then on he wears a laurel crown every time he wins a war. 

That was one of the most interesting adventures of Cupid with gods. 

When Cupid fell in love…

The story is almost laughable but you should definitely hear it before knowing if Cupid is real or not. 

When Cupid fell in love, it wasn’t because he was so much into a girl and just wanted to be with her. His mother, Venus, was jealous of a mortal girl, Psyche, because she was getting all the attention for her beauty when it was Venus who is worshipped for the same. So she sent her son to make Psyche fall in love with a monster. Instead of hitting Psyche with the golden arrow, Cupid accidentally gets hit by his arrow (what a fool) and falls in love with her.

Long story short, after getting Psyche-d, Cupid makes Psyche an immortal at the end of the story and lives happily ever after. 

Why is Cupid Naked?

Has it ever occurred to you? I mean it should have been the first question to ask, why in the seven heavens Cupid is almost always naked? Well, after some research, here’s what I found-

Naked, because Cupid has always shown as a character who is innocent, pure, and all those things. With divine wings, his quiver, and arrows, he portrays a person who is without any malice and doesn’t have anything to hide (which includes his male parts, eww).

Modern-day Cupid and Valentine’s Day

Okay, close your eyes and imagine Cupid. Of course, an image of a little boy with soft cheeks, an arrow through the heart would come to your mind. The one who looks at you through every greeting card around Valentine’s day. It is because people are obsessed with love and everything that is related to it. 

Just in case you didn’t notice, I have written the word “love” over 25 times in this article on Cupid, so apparently if any character from Greek mythology is popularized today, it is him for some very obvious reasons. 

The fact that Cupid wears a diaper in all of Valentine’s greeting cards, says that the modern world cannot leave any mythological character alone, even if s/he is naked. Now, every artist in the world who has ever picturized Cupid had him wearing nothing
, because Cupid was described in a similar way in the books and they didn’t have any problem with it. 

Now, modern-day folks have to sexualize everything, even a little boy who practically is smaller than a lamb and holds a quiver and arrow. That’s why they make him wear a diaper. 

Is Cupid Real or Not?

Cupid, the one wearing a diaper is not real at all. It cannot be. It is just like they have changed Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus. The modernization of these ancient figures might be commercial but it ends up losing the essence with which the figure was created in the first place. 

About the original Cupid, the one in the myths, if you believe in Zeus, Odysseus, Aphrodite, and the greater gods then you have all the reason to believe in Cupid. However, if you don’t believe in mythology at all then, you can never believe in the real existence of Cupid.  

Wrapping Up

Cupid is a pretty interesting character to read about. If you get more interested in Greek mythology then make sure you surf about it on YouTube. Many YouTube channels upload animated stories of Greek mythology regularly. So check them out.

Share this article with your friends if you liked it. Comment below what you think about Cupid and other Greek gods. I would love to hear your theories. Do visit Path of EX again and have a great day! 

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