Kohaú Hibachi Restaurant Game Codes (June 2022)

By | June 9, 2022

Experience the excitement and uniqueness of Japanese cuisine without even leaving your home in Kohaú Hibachi Restaurant! As you enter the restaurant as a guest, you’ll be first greeted by its Japanese-styled architecture and soon seated by one of their highly-trained waiters. Next, you’ll have to decide on the food you want to order. Whether it be fried rice, tempura, or miso soup, you’ll find the restaurant certainly has food to cater to everyones’ pallets.

If you’re feeling like you want some behind-the-scenes action, you’re able to go ahead and apply for a job at the restaurant. Working as a waiter you’ll be able to talk with and serve a wide variety of different guests, and as a chef be able to create a selection of amazing Asian dishes.

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