League Of Legends Wild Rift Tier List [May] 2022 (LOL)

By | July 1, 2022

Are you here to know about the League of Legends Wild Rift Tier List? or LOL Tier List? If yes then the article is ready for you with all tiers of LOL.

The level of online games has seen some significant changes or upgrades over the past 2 decades. It is not just the outlook of the games that has changed but the games have been totally changed from the inside too. The genre of the games has been expanded from a few initially available to many. One aspect of the game that has seen a change from the inside of the game is the main characters or better known as the protagonist of the game.

Previously the game was totally focused on having a single or two main lead characters in the game but over the last decade majority of the games that came into the market have changed this pattern by bringing more lead characters in the game that you can play.

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One such famous game is League Of Legends Wild Rift, which is famous among a lot of gamers around the world with different characters to play in it. Everything that you want to know about the game is given below. The information given below will help you better understand the game as it is better to know about the game and all its essential parts before you play it.

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About League Of Legends

League Of Legends Battle Rift is a modified version of the PC game League of Legends. It is a Massively Online Battle Arena game that was released in 2020. The developer of the game is Riot Games and the publisher of the game is also Riot Games, though the publishers in the case of its PC game included Garena along with the Riot Games but not with the mobile edition here. The game can be played on Android and iOS.

The gameplay of League Of Legends includes playing a game with the help of a character or better known as champions in the game. The champion will help you win the game with his unique abilities from an isometric perspective. The characters in the game are divided into different tiers so that the players can easily choose them depending on their abilities.

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League of Legends Wild Rift Tier List | LOL Wild Rift Tier List

As with many of the games out there, League of Legends does not have many Tiers that you will get confused about while choosing the players from. The game is restricted to four Tiers and it is from these tiers that you have to choose the characters from. The list of Wild Rift Tier List is given below.

S Tier List A Tier List B Tier List C Tier List
Kayle Wukong Morgana Senna
Jayce Gragas Yasuo Soraka
Fiora Camille Seraphine Vayne
Lee Sin Malphite Ahri Varus
Kha’Zix Darius Akshan Aurelion Sol
Wukong Garen Olaf Senna
Ziggs Akali Shyvana Twisted Fate
AkalI Dr. Mundo Rengar Tryndamere
Veigar Camille Vi Pantheon
Kai’Sa Master Yi Jarvan IV Kennen
Xayah Graves Pantheon Nasus
Irelia Xin Zhao Riven
Renekton Evelyn Jax
Janna Nunu & Willump Jinx
Nami Kayle Thresh
Galio Diana Lulu
Yasuo Orianna Draven
Corki Katarina Tristana
Lucian Jhin

S Tier: Wild Rift Tier List

S Wild Rift Tier List
Lee Sin

Irelia – Irelia in League of Legends Wild Rift Tier
is a Diver champion that is commonly played in Baron Lane. This is one of those characters in the game that has good mobility and mostly does physical damage. The playstyle of the character often makes her hard to play by a lot of gamers. Irelia’s first ability Bladesurege allows her to dash through her enemy dealing Physical Damage (10 + 60% AD) and healing for 12 (14% AD).

The cooldown of Bladesurge is refreshed if the target was marked or dies to Bladesurge. Her second ability Defiant Dance allows her to defend herself with a blade for up to 1.5 seconds, taking 50% + 7% AP reduced damage. Her third ability Flawless Duet allows her to send a blade to the target location with one more blade sent at the same location after three seconds, the final attack is done on the enemy when both the blade converges.

Renekton – Renekton is a top lane fighter that belongs to the S Class. Renekton’s offensive skills include mobility, Tankiness, and crowd control to get onto the enemy backline, so that he is easily able to kill their carries. Renekton is a powerful character that is easily able to dominate the early stages of the game by his high damage and sustainability. Renektons has a Rage bar from his passive known as Reign of Anger that is an important part of his kit which allows him to deal great damage if the bar is 50% or higher.

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A Tier

A Wild Rift Tier List
Dr. Mundo
Master Yi
Xin Zhao
Nunu & Willump

Dr. Mundo – Dr. Mundo also goes by the name of The Madman from Zaun. This Madman loves to get in the perimeter of the enemies and loves to take the damage on its face. It is often seen that he has one of the fastest jungle clears which makes him really strong at all the stages of the game. Dr. Mundo does not have a strong offensive potential in the open field but with his Infected Cleaver ability, he is able to control the crowd, as because of this most of the time you will find him farming the jungle to mine most of the items. One thing to make sure when there isn’t any enemy around you is that you don’t use Dr. Mundo’s Burning Agony ability as this ability drains a lot of health of this character and as a result, you won’t have enough health left with you when you will come in a real fight.

Malphite – Malphite in League of Legends Wild Rift is commonly played in Baron Lane and is a Vanguard champion. It is observed about Malphite that she has lots of crowd control and mostly does the Magic damage. The playstyle of the character is not that hard and most of the time it is considered easy to play. Malphite has various abilities like Seismic Shard, Thunder Clap, Ground Slam, and Unstoppable Force that allow her to deal great damage to her enemies. She is considered a solid choice if you want to go for a character in this Tier.

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B Tier

B Wild Rift Tier List
Jarvan IV

Nasus – Nasus is often known by the name of “The Curator of the Sands” on the battlefield. The damage quality of this character is average and the toughness of this character is considered strong. The utility and difficulty of Nasus are low and easy. The best runes of Nasus in the Wild Rift game is Grasp of the undying keystone, and it is followed by the Brutal, Bone Plating, and Hunter Plating Minor Runes.

The passive ability of Nasus is Soul Eater that helps him gain 12% physical vamp. The first physical ability of the Nasus is known as Siphoning Strike that allows him to kill champions, large minions, and large monsters, and the defeating of these champions allows Siphoning Strike Damage to increase by 8. He also has other physical abilities like Wither, Spirit Fire, and Fury of the sands that have huge damage on the opponents of Nasus.

Vayne – Vayne belongs to the category of Dragon Lane Champion and the only focus that he has is on attacking and damaging to defeat the opponent team. If you see her in the early part of the game, you will find her struggling as she has a very short range that does not help her to do a lot of damage. Whenever you will find Vayne in the latter part of the game and she has all the required core items, she can be useful and can duel anyone in a one-on-one fight as by that time she has high mobility and kiting potential. There are a few abilities that help her to defend herself and her team and also help in defeating the enemy but her second ability Silver Bolts, Vayne is able to do great damage on every third attack which is great vs tank heavy teams.

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C Tier

C Wild Rift Tier List
Aurelion Sol
Twisted Fate

Singed – The appearance of the character is not so good and along with his original name, he also goes by the name of “Mad Chemist”. Signed is a top-lane tank champion that is not so good at the starting of the game until he gets all the core items to complete his build. When his core items are all farmed, he can be a valuable asset in the game later on as he is able to deal a lot of damage in the later game and can be a huge tank for the team.

Tryndamere – Tryndamere is a character that is both, a mixture of damage attack and speed attack and works really well in his kit. He is a fighter in th
e jungle that can be played in the top lane but the jungle role of this character is also considered important. In the early part of the game, you will find this character very weak as at that point in time he does not have a lot of mobility and damage. After you farm the jungle and reach level 5, this is where you get access to his ultimate, the Undying rage and from now onwards you will be able to help your team in the game.

Wild Rift ADC Tier List

S Wild Rift ADC Tier List A Wild Rift ADC Tier List B Wild Rift ADC Tier List C Wild Rift ADC Tier List D Wild Rift ADC Tier List F Wild Rift ADC Tier List
Kai’Sa Caitlyn Jinx Vayne Ashe Miss Fortune
Xayah Ezreal Draven Varus
Corki Tristana Jhin
Lucian Jhin Senna

Wild Rift Baron Tier List

S Wild Rift Baron Tier List A Wild Rift Baron Tier List B Wild Rift Baron Tier List C Wild Rift Baron Tier List D Wild Rift Baron Tier List F Wild Rift Baron Tier List
Kayle Wukong Dr. Mundo Kennen Singed Teemo
Jayce Gragas Pantheon Nasus
Fiora Camille Riven
Malphite Irelia
Darius Graves
Renekton Jax

Wild Rift Support Tier List

S Wild Rift Support Tier List A Wild Rift Support Tier List B Wild Rift Support Tier List C Wild Rift Support Tier List D Wild Rift Support Tier List F Wild Rift Support Tier List
Janna Brand Lulu Senna Sona Alistar
Nami Lux Thresh Soraka Blitzcrank
Morgana Braum

Wild Rift Mid Tier List

S Wild Rift Mid Tier List A Wild Rift Mid Tier List B Wild Rift Mid Tier List C Wild Rift Mid Tier List D Wild Rift Mid Tier List F Wild Rift Mid Tier List
Ziggs Kayle Morgana Aurelion Sol Annie Fizz
Akali Zed Yasuo Renekton Lux
Veigar Diana Seraphine Twisted Fate
Orianna Ahri,
Galio Akshan

Wild Rift Jungle Tier List

S Wild Rift Jungle Tier List A Wild Rift Jungle Tier List B Wild Rift Jungle Tier List C Wild Rift Jungle Tier List D Wild Rift Jungle Tier List F Wild Rift Jungle Tier List
Lee Sin Dr. Mundo Olaf Tryndamere Rammus Amumu
Kha’Zix Camille Shyvana Pantheon
Wukong Master Yi Rengar
Graves Vi
Xin Zhao Jarvan IV
Evelyn Jax
Nunu & Willump

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