Legends Of Tomorrow Star Weighs In On Arrowverse Return

By | June 8, 2022

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz has addressed whether she would be open to returning to the Arrowverse following the series’ cancellation.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz has addressed whether she would be open to returning to the Arrowverse following the series’ cancellation. Lotz was introduced as Sara Lance, the White Canary, in Arrow, before joining the time travel superhero series. Legends of Tomorrow was canceled by The CW after seven seasons.

Inspired by the DC Comics character Black Canary, Sara Lance was introduced as a fellow survivor of the crash that left Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) shipwrecked on a deserted island, having survived through the League of Assassins’ intervention. After working with Queen to protect Starling City and even being resurrected with the help of John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Sara joined the Legends onboard the stolen time ship, the Waverider, stopping all manner of villains throughout time, as well as cleaning up any distortions and paradoxes that may occur due to those actions. However, after seven seasons, Legends of Tomorrow was canceled by The CW alongside other shows such as Legacies and Batwoman. While the Arrowverse will continue through series such as The Flash, Lotz has addressed whether Sara may return in the future.

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During an interview with CBR where Lotz discussed her involvement in directing episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, the star was asked whether she would return to the universe not only behind the camera but return to the role of Sara in other series. The star responded by leaving the possibility open, stating that she was looking forward to directing a feature film in the future. Lotz then iterated that while her future was open, she hopes to move on in her career. Check out Lotz’s full response below.

“Who knows? I want to direct a film. You never know, but you have to keep moving.”

Lotz reacted to Legends of Tomorrow’s cancellation when news first broke about the series’ fate, sharing her thoughts while reflecting on her time on the series. Taking to her Instagram account, Lotz stated that while she was disappointed about the series’ fate and would miss working on the series, she also recognized that the character had a long, storied presence on television. Stating how much she had enjoyed working on the series, Lotz thanked the fans for their support, stating that she was grateful to be part of the series. Lotz also shared a photo on Instagram following the series’ cancellation that saw her reunite with the rest of the cast, commenting “Once a Legend ALWAYS a LEGEND!”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s cancellation marked the end of a staple of the Arrowverse, as the show allowed many familiar and beloved character to have their own focus outside of series like Arrow and The Flash without being overshadowed by the central heroes. Despite hopes that Booster Gold’s inclusion would save the show, the series has been brought to a close. While her character’s fate may be left untold, Lotz seems to hope to move forward in her career, leaving behind Sara Lance, for the foreseeable future at least.

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