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Once every few years there comes a game that revolutionizes the world of gaming, with the world of mobile gaming having been taken over in 2012 by Subway Surfers, which is an app game developed by two companies from Denmark, which have been more and more popular with each year that they have been around, with the game has been the most downloaded one between 2012 and 2019, and it has already crossed the 2.7 billion downloads mark. Extraordinary, right?

With the game has been so popular, it was only natural that a lot of Subway Surfers Games online would be created. One of the main reasons for that would be because we are sure that many kids or even adults that are interested in playing such a game might not have the option to play it on their phones, as it might not be powerful enough, or they simply might not want to play it on their mobile phones, as they feel more comfortable with a computer.

Well, luckily for them, Subway Surfers for browsers replicate the original one quite well, and that is not at all surprising since it runs on Unity3D, and this is an engine that is used in so many of the browser games of the moment. Even better, characters from the franchise and elements from it have been adapted into other kinds of games, so there is more diversity on this page than just running and jumping games.

Running and jumping games are not all original on their own, of course, and you might even say that Temple Run is one of the games that had inspired this one, and without it. Still, the franchise managed to bring lots of fun elements of newness, and we believe that this is why people have fallen in love with it. Of course, we’ll tell you all about them right now, in case you are new to this world.

If that is the case, right now and here you are going to find out how the games work, what has made them so cool, after which you will get to learn about the diversity that this category of Games for computers offers, surely finding a whole lot of reasons to spend time on this page and have fun with the games you find!

How to play?

First of all, you should know that Subway Surfers falls into the category of endless runner games, and so, they are currently some of the most popular such games you could be playing. Endless running games are awesome because they test your limits of playing the game, because there is never an end in sight, with the goal usually being to make a distance as big as possible, or collect items for a big score in return. The more that you keep going, the more chances you have of ending up in the rankings, with the players that have lasted the longest taking the top spots in the rankings.

The game also has a story, as everyone who plays can take the role of different graffiti artists, as they run through the railroad tracks in order to not get caught by the police officer and his dog, who caught them while making paintings on walls. Of course, this means that if the inspector and his dog catch you, or you hit any trains in the metro railway, you are going to lose, and we’re quite positive you don’t want that to happen, right?

If you play this game on mobile phones you are going to use the finger to swipe in any of the four directions, or you use the four arrow keys on computers. Use the right and left ones to steer in those directions, the up one for jumping, and the down one to slide. That is because depending on the kind of trains or other obstacles in your path, you have to move into any of these directions, avoiding bumping into them. Among the obstacles, you can also have poles, walls, or barriers.

The main collectible items of the game are coins, of which you should try to get as many of as possible, for your score, as well as to use in the shops to buy new characters, skins, or useful items and upgrades. There are useful items that multiply your score, magnets that help you collect more coins, awesome sneakers, and jetpacks, or power jumpers, all of which you should use to your advantage whenever available.

One special item that you should definitely catch and then use is the hoverboard, which is probably the most important upgrade, since it gives you the chance to be invincible for no less than thirty seconds, during which time you can bump into anything and you are going to be unharmed, with nothing bad happening to you and you keep progressing! For extra fun, try Daily Challenges, or Weekly Hunts, all of which will bring you lots of awesome new items.

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