Robin’s Unique Vampire Power Flips His Most Common Criticism

By | June 8, 2022

While Robin may have become a vampire in the latest issue of DC vs Vampires, a new one-shot reveals what sets Damian Wayne apart from other vampires.

Warning: spoilers ahead for DC vs Vampires: Hunters #1!

In the latest tie-in to DC Comics’ DC vs Vampires, it’s been confirmed that Damian Wayne’s Robin is the greatest vampire in the DC Universe, albeit for an unexpected reason. Having been betrayed and bitten by Nightwing in the main series, Damian Wayne has become a vampiric bounty hunter in the new DC vs Vampires: Hunters, seemingly tracking down any last pockets of resistance who stand against the new Vampire King. However, Damian isn’t as loyal to his vampire lord as he should be.

In the main DC vs Vampires series from James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt, Batman and his family were some of the last heroes standing in the midst of a massive vampire revolution. While it began with supervillains being bitten and corrupted, the DC Universe’s heroes were soon targeted to become vampires, such as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. However, Nightwing revealed himself to be the Vampire King, betraying his fellow vigilantes and killing almost all of them. However, he did manage to bite and turn Damian Wayne into a vampire to join his horde as they successfully took over the world.

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Now, DC vs Vampires: Hunters #1 from Rosenberg and artist Neil Googe sees Damian Wayne operating as a bounty hunter for the Vampire King. However, the former Robin is in truth working for the resistance, aiding Alfred Pennyworth and Martian Manhunter, saving what heroes he can from the vampiric hordes who now freely roam the Earth. The issue also sees Damian trying to assassinate the Vampire King once and for all. This proves to be a nearly fatal attempt after he is burned by a vampiric Starfire. That being said, the Vampire King who was once Nightwing chooses to spare Robin and allows Alfred to care for him, recognizing Damian’s unique compassion as a trait that may benefit both vampires and mankind’s coexistence in the DC Universe.

Unlike any of the other vampires that have taken over the world, Robin possesses compassion. As such, this is something the Vampire King wishes to cultivate and protect. After all, if the world becomes full of ravenous vampires who drink every human dry, they’ll eventually lose their “food” supply and starve themselves. When Alfred told Damian to drink his blood to heal his injuries, Robin showed restraint by not drinking all of Pennyworth’s blood, taking only what he needed to survive.

Damian Wayne is a controversial figure among fans of the Bat-Family – beloved by some and hated by others. His arrogance and killer instinct are often used as evidence he doesn’t belong with the more altruistic heroes, and his seeming lack of empathy has made him plenty of enemies. It’s therefore pretty ironic that he alone has retained compassion despite becoming a vampire.

While the reason why Robin is so unique is still unclear, the new vampire lord Nightwing believes that Damian’s compassion has to do with Alfred caring for Robin even after he was bitten. Whatever the reason, Damian could certainly be the key to vampires’ long-term success with their global takeover, and it seems his unique qualities make him a uniquely heroic member of the undead. As such, it’s going to be exciting to see what Robin does next as DC vs. Vampires continues.

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DC vs Vampires: Hunters #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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