Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes (June 2022)

By | June 20, 2022

Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes are one of the most significant codes that the player should keep in mind because they’ll help you get pets, items, cash, gems, and a variety of other in-game stuff. To enhance your gaming experience, I will talk about the Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes of June 2022. Keep reading the article to redeem these codes.

Are you interested to create your airplane? If yes, why not give it a try in the gaming world. Airport Tycoon is a trending name among the Roblox games, and there are some amazing codes in the game that helps you in exploring islands and building your airplane. Isn’t exciting?

If you want to expand your airport? Let’s get started with the article and read all the awesome list of Roblox Airport Tycoon codes of June . Start discovering and become the Wright brothers in the gaming world.

In This Article

Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes In June 2022

Below are the most recent Roblox Airport Tycoon codes. You may switch these for cash, which you can use to purchase planes and expand your airport. However, keep in mind that the codes have an expiration date. What are you waiting for? Start using the codes right away!

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New Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes | Working June 2022

  • 300MIL— Redeem for 300K Cash
  • FREECASH— Redeem for 200K Cash
  • FREEMOOLAH— Redeem for 40K Cash
  • BONUS— Redeem for 200K Cash
  • MILLION— Redeem for 1 Million Cash
  • ATDISCORD— Redeem for 50K Cash
  • CASHPASS— Redeem for 220K Cash
  • WHALETUBE— Redeem for 100K Cash
  • OSCAR— Redeem for 123,456 Cash
  • BLOXYCOLA— Redeem for 30K Cash
  • CLIFFHANGER— Redeem for 30K Cash
  • INSTA— Redeem for 50K Cash 
  • MEGAWHALE— Redeem for 40K Cash
  • ROCKET— Redeem for 50K Cash
  • FIREBALL— Redeem for 30K Cash
  • CHIP— Redeem for 10K Cash

Bonus Airport Tycoon Codes For June 2022 | Limited-Time Codes

  • Receive 30,000 with this code: CLIFFHANGER
  • Receive 40,000 Cash with this code: INSTA
  • Receive 40,000 Cash with this code: MEGAWHALE
  • Receive 1,000,000 Cash with this code: MILLION
  • Receive 200,000 Cash with this code: BONUS
  • Receive 365,000 Cash with this code: 365KCASH
  • Receive Cash with this code: 355KFREE
  • Receive 200,000 Cash with this code: HOTEL
  • Receive 50K Cash with this code: ATDISCORD
  • Receive 200,000 Cash with this code: UPDATE9
  • Receive 222,200 cash with this codes: CASHPASS

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Roblox Airport Tycoon Expired Codes

  • UPDATE8 – 200,000 Cash
  • TREAT – 33,333 Cash
  • HALLOW – 66,666 Cash
  • WARTHOG – 100,000 Cash
  • UPDATE5 – 50,000 Cash
  • S3LKRONS – 25,000 Cash
  • NEWYEAR – Redeem for 200K Cash
  • XMAS – Redeem for 300K Cash
  • blimp – Redeem for 200K Cash
  • XBOX – Redeem for free Cash
  • 100MIL – Redeem for free Cash
  • 50MIL – Redeem for 50,000 Cash
  • BLUEWHALE – Redeem for 40,000 Cash
  • BOATS – Redeem for 20,000 Cash
  • MOBILE – Redeem for 15,000 Cash
  • SUSHI – Redeem for 20,000 Cash
  • AIRPORT – Redeem for 15,000 Cash

How To Use Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes?

If you want to know how to redeem the Airport Tycoon codes, go through the steps below-

  1. Go to the Roblox page and search the Airport Tycoon game. You can access it from a mobile or a browser.
  2. Go to the left side of the screen and you will see the list of options.
  3. Click on the Twitter logo option.
  4. On the next page, enter the code.
  5. Tap on the Redeem icon.
  6. Finally, claim the rewards in your Tycoon.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about the updated list of Roblox Airport Tycoon codes. Enjoy playing the game and claim all the rewards. Share these codes with your friend and let them expand their tycoon. Stay tuned for all the updates. Have a great day!

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