Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Codes (June 2022) Updated

By | June 19, 2022

Userjoy Technology developed the Android and iOS RPG Seven Mortal Sins X TASY. The fallen angel Lucifer was cast into hell because of her sin against the Gods. A demon lord has sealed Lucifer’s power in hell’s lowest level. The story of Seven Mortal Sins began when Lucifer lost everything, yet battled with Leviathan and human Totsuka Maria against the seven mortal sins.

Keeping your current demon roster upgraded and unlocking new characters will most likely take the majority of your time in Seven Mortal Sins. The combat system in this game must be well understood for you to do well. Your team and the enemy team battle turn-by-turn. The blue bars above your character’s head fill up as you take turns. When a character’s bar is full, it is their turn to act. Speed affects the rate at which a turn bar fills; buffs and debuffs can also have an impact.

Characters can be chosen and brought into battle pretty easily. Then add the support hero whose skill you like to your team. Under certain conditions, the support effect will automatically activate so that the entire team benefits. Jacqueline’s character makes the team’s coordination increase by 6%, resulting in everyone acting faster.

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Codes

How Redeem Codes in Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy?

Following are the steps you can take to enter the cheat codes in Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy.

  1. Start the game by tapping on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Redeem Code in a new window that appears.
  3. To complete the task, you need to enter the above codes.
  4. Click on Confirm, and you’ll be rewarded instantly.


Now this was all about the Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Codes, I hope that you have enjoyed reading the article, and you found it helpful. Now, it’s up to you to collect the codes and then redeem your rewards accordingly. 

You can download Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy on both App Store and Google Play!

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