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By | May 22, 2022

Welcome readers to this new article about Stars Classroom Login. In this article, we will be talking about the Stars Classroom and know about the successful steps to access the portal. As a reader, you ought to know about the basic details of the Stars Classroom. So the next section will give you the basic introduction of the Stars Classroom.

Stars Classroom NYC is a classroom application launched by the Department of Education. It is designed to support the teacher, school staff, and administrators. Using this portal the school stakeholders can know about the various information and create report cards, enter grades, and so on so forth.

How To Get The Credentials?

To get the credentials the school staff needs to talk to the school HR department. From there you will get your personalized user id and password.

Once you get the credentials you can move to the next step.

Stars Classroom Login

If you are new to this portal and willing to perform Stars Classroom Login. Here are quick steps you may follow:

Stars Classroom Login

  • Enter the website name on the web browser or simply click here to initiate the process.
  • Then click the option Sign in.
  • In the new page, the user will see the space to enter the details.
  • Enter the user name or email id and then enter the password.
  • After entering the details click the option Sign in.

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How To Reset The Password?

In case the user has forgotten the password then please do follow the given steps to retrieve the password:

  • Go to the same page suggested above.
  • Click the option Sign in.
  • The user will reach to the new page.
  • On the page click, the option reset the password.
  • Then enter the 9 digit Student ID and then Date of birth and the enter Continue option.
  • Enter a couple of details and that’s all.

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Hence this was a small article over Stars Classroom Login. I hope this gave you an overview of the portal. In case you still have any kind of doubt, feel free to drop a comment below.

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