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By | June 21, 2022

Anyone who has been an anime lover for long knows my struggle. Back then, it was extremely difficult for us to look for our favorite anime shows with subs, let alone dubs. We either had to save up for the paid content or wait forever for the free versions. 

Then, life got so much easier with the birth of free anime streaming sites. We now can watch free anime online without any commitment, no registration, no payment at all. You might think the quality sucks, but no, they’ve got an extensive content library, ultra HD resolution, superb streaming capabilities, and even a premium-looking design. Your favorite anime is now only a click away, well, to be exact, you will also need to sit through several ads and popups before the show starts.

When I thought things couldn’t be any better, I found I’ve never been a demanding user, especially when the sites I bookmarked before are completely free to use. But why settle for less when Zoro offers us what other sites are proud of, plus, it is ad-free. I know it is unbelievable but why not give it a try when there is completely no risk? As there are no ads as well as no payment/signup required, our device and identity are 100% safe. If you are tempted to check it out already, let me give you the brief reasons why is the best free anime streaming site you can find on the Internet.

What Is is a free anime streaming site that allows its users to stream and downloads subbed and dubbed cartoons as well as anime shows in ultra HD quality without having to pay a dime. There is no commitment at all, no subscription, no signup, and surprisingly, even no ads or popups. 

Is Safe?

As is ad-free, it poses no risk to both your device and identity. Without ads and popups, there won’t be any virus or malware. The site doesn’t require an account so your private information is also kept safe. 

Is Using Legal?

Unfortunately, the content you stream at is pirated. It makes sense, no site affords to pay for the content and then let us stream it at no cost. If you are afraid of a possible fine or lawsuit, stay anonymous with a reliable VPN to make sure no one can track you down. But you don’t really have to go that extra mile because normally Japan’s anime copyright laws are not strictly enforced. 

Why Is The Best Anime Site

When I say is the best anime site, I have evidence to back it up. You can list down all the features you expect from a free anime streaming site and if ticks all the boxes, you know I’m right. Now, let’s get started! 

1. Willingness to Improve

The reason why I choose to talk about Zoro’s willingness to learn from mistakes is that I believe no site is perfect, what makes a site great is its efforts to be a better version of itself. is a new site and we all know new sites come and go, mostly eaten up by other giants that are already known for a long time. The team behind Zoro decides to go all-in by creating the best streaming site out there to make sure they stand a chance to compete with other long-established anime sites. And to do it, they must learn from others’ mistakes and listen to their users’ feedback wholeheartedly. 

2. Safety

It is not exaggerating to say is the safest free anime streaming site I’ve ever known. Although I love anime, I have to admit that I’m hesitant to check out new sites as a click alone might harm my device. Many sites are filled with malicious ads and popups, the perfect home for viruses and malware. Then what to be scared of when there are no ads at all on Zoro? 

I also avoid sites that require signup at all costs. I want to support them, but not at the cost of my own identity. So here on Zoro, I feel completely safe when I can come and go as I please, without having to exchange any information.

3. Content Library

Content Library

The site was great so far and I really wanted it to become my all-in-one streaming site. Therefore, I was a bit worried about Zoro’s content library. What if they hadn’t had the content I was looking for? I would have moved on, looking for another site with a better collection, obviously. Lucky me, that scenario didn’t happen.  The content library at Zoro is extensive, with thousands of titles from all genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, music, game, and many more. You are highly likely to find your anime of interest here, no matter how recent it is. 

4. Resolution

All titles are in ultra HD quality. We all want to stream anime in the best resolution possible but if your Internet connection isn’t so supportive, simply adjust the image quality accordingly. You can watch in 360p when the connection is weak and go back to 720p or even 1080p when the situation gets better. 

5. Updates


Zoro knows how to create such a world for anime lovers. They update new titles, including the latest releases as well as requested ones, on a daily basis to make sure we never run out of what to stream. They also share news about upcoming shows so we can arrange our schedule accordingly. 

6. Streaming Experience

I don’t have much patience for lagging and buffering. Therefore, I cannot stand a site that stops loading every single 5 minutes. Imagine immersing yourself in the anime world and having to exit constantly as the screen freezes. Not a pleasant experience, I bet. If you feel my pain, is going to be your next bookmark. Streaming is completely seamless (given that your Internet connection is stable) and especially, no ads or pop-ups appear during your watching. 

7. User Interface

I have visited hundreds of sites so I can figure out how to navigate through even sloppy ones. But I understand that not everyone is such an expert. It is important for a site to provide a simple and intuitive user interface so its users can find their content of interest without any hassle. After landing on the homepage, the first thing you can see in the center is the search box. You can type in the title in your mind or use the site’s categories listed on the top, or View Full Site for more suggestions.

8. Device Compatibility is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, therefore, you can watch free anime online with any device, at any place as long as the Internet is provided. You can start watching your favorite anime on the way to work with your smartphone and later finish it on your bed with your large screen TV.

9. Customer Service

As I’ve briefly stated above, what makes me believe Zoro is the best streaming site is its efforts to listen to its users. Believe it or not, we are the one who knows what the site needs to work on the best and it is wise
of Zoro to let us report/request to them for a better experience. Zoro claims to be on active mode 24/7 to fix broken links, update requested titles, and respond to our request/query/inquiry promptly. 

There are thousands of free anime streaming sites, many of which I haven’t heard of, therefore it is hard to pick one as the best. But so far, with what Zoro has to offer, I believe Zoro is among the best. I never expected a free site could provide that many benefits, given that it asks for nothing from us, no signup, no subscription, no payment, and even no ads. If you know any other hidden gems, please feel free to share them with us.

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