Top 4 upcoming Android and iOS games (2022)

By | June 22, 2022

This has been an era of Mobile gaming. Recently, Mobile Games have been gaining so much popularity in mostly the Gen Z crowd. Mobile gaming has become so much famous after the release of some of the greatest games such as Minecraft, Pokémon Go, Brawlstars, PUBG Mobile, COD: Mobile. Here’s a complete list of the much-awaited and exciting games that are going to be released this year 2022. 

GAME #1 – Diablo Immortal

The very first one in the list that is a multiplayer, free-to-play, and action RPG game is none other than Diablo Immortal. Blizzard is all set to release the game onto Android and iOS. However, the exact date is not confirmed yet but the developers: Hong Kong Netease and Blizzard Entertainment have given a hint of the release of the game in the first few months of the year 2022. The pre-registration has already been started and some users are getting early access too. 

Game #2 – Valorant Mobile

Well, the Riot Games have already announced the release of the Valorant Mobile after the PC version’s success in the year 2021. The FPS action game has gained so much popularity in just a year that the developers are all set to release the game onto Android and iOS. The date is not yet confirmed but rumours do tell that the game is going to be soon released by the mid of 2022. 

GAME #3 – Apex Legends Mobile

This is yet another much-awaited game for the players. The pre-registration has already been started and early access has been given to a few of the users. The full game is soon to be out anytime. The developers have rolled out early access on Google Play. Apex Legends PC version was a hit among the players which gave a new dimension to the battle royale games and third-person shooter games.  

GAME #4 – DC Heroes & Villains

This is yet another promising game that has begun its pre-registration. The pre-registered users can get amazing rewards after the full launch of the game. The Ludia Incorporation is currently working out with the dates of the early access. Currently, the developers have given pre-registration facilities for android users. This game is going to be an RPG puzzle game that would include the wonderful characters from DC Comics


The year 2022 is gonna be a rollercoaster with the much-awaited games to be released for mobile game lovers. There have been many more games that are yet to be released like Clash Heroes, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Hyde And Seek, Tomb Raider Reloaded, Hitman Sniper Assassins, Path Of Exile Mobile, etc. Stay tuned for the upcoming release dates of these amazing games that are yet to be released by bookmarking our page and also by following the official websites of the game developers. 

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